2 Chrome Extensions Have Been Suspended for Spreading Spam

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Google has taken down two Chrome extensions for reportedly spreading adware, a type of malware that injects ads on multiple locations in a webpage, The Wall Street Journal and Ars Technica has peported. The perpetrators of the said spamming spree were “Add to Feedly” and “Tweet This Page” both with less than 100K viewers in total.


Deleted ExtensionIt’s been said that Amit Agarwal the author of Add to Feedly has been approach by a totally anonymous guy and offered him Four digit sum of money (in USD) for the extension that he coded for only a hour. Both parties created and agreed to the deal and payment has been made through PayPal. After a month, the new owner pushed new update to the extension not for improvements but to include adware making Chrome to display adverts in every website the user visits. Similar thing has happened to Tweet this Page.


Google Chrome is known to update itself automatically and silently including its extensions making it unknown to users if shoddy updates were done by an extension. Google clarifies that developers are allowed to include ads to their extensions but they need to adhere to their terms. Google is set to update Chrome’s extension policy in June 2014.



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