5 Things to Remember When Renting Computer on Computer Shops

Even though we have the latest gadgets in our hands, but sometimes we cannot avoid using public computers. For that reason I write some tips that I thought may help you in dealing with them.



#1. Be sure the shop is protected by a reliable antivirus.

It is in the basic that you should first establish trust with the computer shop that you’re going to use. If you’re impressed at the first time you logged in to that computer shop with how their unit is secured, you will find yourself going back to that shop afterwards if you need to.

You’ll find out if they are protected by checking if it is daily updated. Most computer shop I visited has antivirus that is seldomly updated. The worst computer shop I saw is with an antivirus popping out a message saying that the trial version has expired and the last time it was updated is from many months ago. I will definitely never insert my USB on that computer shop. And then you feel that the computer is running slow, sign that it is infected with many viruses waiting for your USB to be inserted so that they may crawl in.


#2. Beware of phishing sites.

After you find out that the computer shop is armed with antivirus, you still need to apply extra caution when browsing online specially using their browsers. Sometimes users or customers on that shop that got with an evil mind may have planted phishing site for the people like you. It is common nowadays that after opening a browser people tend to go to www.facebook.com to check their account, so what will they do, is to create a phishing site and put the shortcut to desktop and then renamed it to google chrome or firefox. Then you will click this shortcuts assuming that this is the typical browser and then that browser have a homepage similar to facebook but actually it’s not, then you will input your username and password and after pressing login button, you will see that nothing is happening but actually the phishers already have your username and password on their emails. Be always sure and always verify that the site you’re logging in is the site you really intended to.


#3. Onlookers not allowed.

Make sure that the computer shop doesn’t have too many onlookers. This a onlookers are often people who do nothing and do not have future in life and only live just by hanging on at that computer shop. They are waiting for their colleagues to drop in so that they can entertain their selves by watching what their colleague does.

When they spot you watching basketball series on YouTube, they will go at your back and will watch along. The bad side of it when it will become a crowd because they are now so many watching behind your back and find yourselves being annoyed while they are the one enjoying. Another thing if they caught you chatting on your beautiful classmate in high school on Facebook, they will sneak to death just to see your classmate’s picture. So better to avoid that computer shop.


#4. Good looking guy and lady on priority.

Avoid computer shop who discriminates customers. Just because the other customer is much good looking than you, the attendant then will put that customer ahead of your reservation even though you’re the one who came first. The attendant then will tell you that “he came earlier than you, he just went outside to buy drinks”, lol. Don’t be shocked if the attendant asked for the good looking customer’s number for shop’s promotional purpose alibi.


#5. No downloading and streaming please.

Last but not the least, avoid computer shops who have poor service. There are few computer shops that won’t allow their customer to download http files or to stream videos from net like on youtube. They even have gone far by blocking facebook because of users watching videos. Their main reason is they don’t want their online gamers to experience lag and it is mainly because of their poor service. They will go to your back telling, “hey, downloading is not permitted in my shop or, how did you manage to go on youtube, I have already blocked youtube from all of the browsers. One time when I’m reformatting my computer and I found out that I don’t have the LAN card driver, I go outside to download it but suddenly the attendant approached telling that I should stop whatever I’m downloading. Come on man, I go to your shop because I need something to be downloaded. We go to computer shops because of the reason that we need something or we want to entertain ourselves and we didn’t get it for free so no one can tell us that you’re not allowed to do that.


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