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About Juan2Geek


Juan2Geek is a Filipino blog so therefore I choose this name. Juan is a common name here in the Philippines and because it is a tech blog posting geeky stuffs I added Geek word as geek term is getting more popular among tech blog today. I added number TWO at the middle so that it will be a better phrase to read. Reading Juan-2-Geek sound as Want to Geek which is perfect to me because it incorporate being a Filipino blog and its theme to help other people solve technical problem and to be geeky as well.


As a computer facilitator and network technician I have encountered many problems and solved them. To share my knowledge in fixing things I created this blog, many of the posts were based on my personal experience. And because I mainly spend my whole day in front of my computer this also serve as my hobby. This blog is also helpful to me as well because it serve as references to some problems I have encountered in the past making me to reuse this solution again in the future if I re encounter them again.