Adjust Subtitle Timing or Delay Directly to the Subtitle File

Although major media player provide on the spot adjusting of subtitle delay, like in MPC you can press F1 or F2 and in VLC you can manually define the delay like what DirectVobSub does. But what if you want to share your favorite movies to your friends and relatives and you know that they are not knowledgeable in things like this. Perhaps it is your habit to store movies that you like so to show your passion you want to keep it neatly. We tend to watch again the movies after years like for example the movies you’d love couple of years ago have blu-ray release today the bad side is there’s no subtitle available for that video. The subtitle available from the previous version doesn’t have good timing at all. Even the on the spot delay adjustment seems to not work because the video has different frame rate. You cannot watch that video without subtitle because the language is Asian. Don’t worry, there’s a way on how to correct the timing in an easy way.


Software Needed

Before we begin download Subtitle Edit or click here to download it directly. We need this software in order to edit subtitle delay directly. Extract it and install after then.


Adjusting Subtitle Timing

  1. Open Subtitle Edit then open the subtitle you want to adjust the timing by pressing Ctrl + O or click File>Open.
  2. To adjust subtitle timing, click Synchronization>Adjust all times (show earlier /later) or just press Ctrl + Shift + A.
  3. Specify the time adjustment like in the screenshot I specify 500 millisecond time delay to all lines then I click Show earlier because the subtitle take some time before it appear after the character has spoken.2
  4. Save your newly edited subtitle by clicking File>Save or by pressing Ctrl + S. If prompted that the subtitle contains negative time codes, just click Yes to continue saving.3


Changing Frame Rate

  1. Open the subtitle you want to change frame rate by pressing Ctrl + O or by clicking File>Open.
  2. To adjust Frame rate, click Synchronization>Change frame rate. Input the current frame rate and the output frame rate. If you don’t know what is the frame rate, click the three dots at the right of the textbox then browse the video that correspond to the subtitle you want to modify. Subtitle Edit will detect the frame rate of each video. This is applicable to two the same videos but have different frame rates and you want to use the subtitle of the other video.
  3. Save your subtitle by pressing Ctrl + S or click File>Save.
    We’re done!

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