Cannot Leave from Homegroup in Windows 7

Did you also encountered of being unable to leave your homegroup? I encountered this problem many weeks ago but cannot write about it sooner because of many things I need to do. Weeks ago, I reformatted my computer then of course after all was done I need to connect to my homegroup in order to have access to the printer and other files in my network. For unknown reason, my computer keeps on connecting to a homegroup from a computer that did not exist anymore. The problem is I cannot connect to this homegroup even the password I’m using is correct. So my solution is to create a new one, even so, I also cannot create new one because of the existing homegroup. I figured out that I need to disconnect all of the computers from that homegroup which I did. Then another problem came out, other computers also cannot leave from that homegroup. This homegroup giving me so many problem.

If you encountered the same problem, having trouble from leaving your homegroup, this is how I solve the problem.


  1. First we need to delete all the files inside PeerNetworking folder. C:\windows\serviceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking1

  3. Once everything is deleted, open you task manager. Click on Services Tab then find HomeGroupProvider, right click on it then hit Stop Service.2

  5. Try again to leave your homegroup.5

After successfully leaving the home group, you can join or create a new one. If you cannot do so, you may restart your computer first.

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