How to Enter BIOS Setup

BIOS is the first program run by the computer after you press the power button. It stands for Basic Input Output System. Its basic function is to initialize and test your hardware like your keyboard and mouse. After then it will load your operating system and other programs from your storage device. You need to configure your BIOS setting like for example you need to boot from DVD ROM in order to reformat...

Make Your Own Cheap Cost But Durable Mouse Pad

How to make your own mouse pad with the performance comparable to those in the store but low in cost. All you need is upholstery, a scissor, and a pen. You can buy upholster in any upholstery shop, furniture shop or sometimes in hardware.

Blue Screen of Death on Startup / Reboot

When blues screen of death showed upon startup, like the picture below, it indicates faulty hardware installed on your computer. In many cases, blue screen of death is cause by a defective battery. It happened to me many times and I found out the battery is empty.    

How to Setup a Wireless Router

You can share your internet connection, printer, play game online or within the LAN with your brother and sister or friends, and share your files or devices. Most devices today needed to connect online wirelessly in order to use all of its features.