Facebook Status Update Via Anything

When you update your Facebook status using your mobile phone, a via text message will appear along with it stating that you updated it using mobile. Do you know that you can also update your status with a posted via notification even if you use your PC? Here’s a simple tutorial on how you can update your Facebook status via anything you want like the example below.

Subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s Profiles Via RSS Feeds

To make our subscription to various pages on major social networking sites more systematic and less time consuming we need to put them together in one place and access them in just few clicks. This place is the RSS reader. The problem is on how to subscribed to those pages via RSS feeds for the reason that using the common way will not work. You will not find the phrase subscribe via RSS Feeds on twitter...

RSS Feed: Keep updated to all of your web subscriptions in one spot

To an average internet user who mainly spend his time on the internet by searching some keywords needed to finish his school assignments and then after he will login to his social network account to connect with his friends while listening to his favorite music on youtube, to this user, his internet life weren’t that complicated. But to a geeky type of internet life, things were not like this.

Yahoo Mail – Invalid ID or Password

You want to login to your yahoo mail and shocked when you see this message “Invalid ID or Password”, you verified that you inputted your correct ID and password, but still you cannot login. Then don’t be too shocked, I often encounter this problem too, and this not caused because someone has hacked into your account.