Prevent Other People from Copying Your Files

You may be sick of other people who copy your hard earned files without permission specially your competitors from other net café. This scenario is often seen on networks such as net café and school laboratories. This people will login to your shop then will start copying you files, more likely the games installed. They do it without even asking for permission and the most thing you hate about it...

Emulate Android Smartphone on Your Computer

Experience the latest platform version of android. You have an old phone and you want to replace it with new android powered smart phone. But there’s one problem, you only have limited amount of money and you cannot afford the phone with the latest android platform (which is as of today is the Jelly Bean or 4.2 platform). You want to know and experience which platform will suit your money and which...

Offline Installer of Common Software that Requires Internet Connection for Installation

Basically After we formatted our computer or if we have bought new computer, we will begin installing our web browser, messenger client, flash player and other utility. Although Windows operating system includes its own web browser which is Internet Explorer if you’re a Windows user, we prefer to use other browser like Google Chrome for performance reason. If you were going to setup a single PC for...

Adjust Subtitle Timing or Delay Directly to the Subtitle File

Although major media player provide on the spot adjusting of subtitle delay, like in MPC you can press F1 or F2 and in VLC you can manually define the delay like what DirectVobSub does. But what if you want to share your favorite movies to your friends and relatives and you know that they are not knowledgeable in things like this. Perhaps it is your habit to store movies that you like so to show your...

How to Change the Icon of Any App

You want to change your favorite application’s icon to something different so that it will look better or you want to be different from other. Or perhaps you want to change your app’s icon to something not noticeable or to camouflage it to other application so that other will not notice it. Here’s how.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) and MadVR Setting

Watch video in best quality with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) plus LAV Filters, Haali Media Splitter, and madVR renderer. madVR is a video renderer with the highest quality output and also a resources hungry renderer. Watch video of any format from downloaded video clips to high definition videos and blu-rays.

How to Start Page Numbering at the Middle of a Document in Microsoft Word

Microsoft word by default page number will start at the first page if you do so. But somehow we want to change the numbering at middle or somewhere in the document for any purpose. For example you’re making a thesis, you want page one to start somewhere because you will need the first page for title, abstract, table of contents, dedication and etc.

Split Files Into Parts Using Winrar

How to split big file into many small parts using winrar. Splitting file is useful specially when you’re going to send it to someone but the file is too big and you have a slow internet connection