Adjust Subtitle Timing or Delay Directly to the Subtitle File

Although major media player provide on the spot adjusting of subtitle delay, like in MPC you can press F1 or F2 and in VLC you can manually define the delay like what DirectVobSub does. But what if you want to share your favorite movies to your friends and relatives and you know that they are not knowledgeable in things like this. Perhaps it is your habit to store movies that you like so to show your...

Make Windows Media Player Your all Around Media Player

Some people think that they have windows media player then why they need to use another player. Well, it is because Windows Media Player has limitations. First it cannot play all of the media files and second, some subtitle seems not to work in some videos even though windows media player supports subtitle. If we can eliminate this problem, we can use windows media player comfortably

How to Enter BIOS Setup

BIOS is the first program run by the computer after you press the power button. It stands for Basic Input Output System. Its basic function is to initialize and test your hardware like your keyboard and mouse. After then it will load your operating system and other programs from your storage device. You need to configure your BIOS setting like for example you need to boot from DVD ROM in order to reformat...

Facebook Status Update Via Anything

When you update your Facebook status using your mobile phone, a via text message will appear along with it stating that you updated it using mobile. Do you know that you can also update your status with a posted via notification even if you use your PC? Here’s a simple tutorial on how you can update your Facebook status via anything you want like the example below.

Increase Google Chrome Browsing Privacy and Security by Creating Profile

Although Google chrome offers option to create individual user profile, you are still not safe. The worst of it, even if you totally signed out from your account, anyone can switch into it and have full access to your browsing history, extensions and most of all your saved passwords. Take note even if you totally signed out! They can go to Facebook and because your password is saved, password field...

Create Firefox Profile: Increase Privacy From Other User

What are the benefits of creating your own Firefox profile? If you have your own profile, you can keep your installed extensions, bookmarks, saved password, browsing history and other customization into isolation. Like Google chrome which allows you to add user profiles, Firefox has this option too, it is just hidden. Firefox by default uses a single profile for many users that’s why if you don’t...

How to Backup and Restore Entire Google Chrome Setting

Backup your Google chrome setting so that when bad things happen you’ll not be left on the spot. For example you need to reformat your computer, you obviously need to reinstall Google chrome later except if you’re using Google chrome portable. If you have no backup therefor you’ll lose your extensions, save passwords, customization and most important of all your bookmarks as bookmarks serves...

Make Google Chrome Portable

Make Google chrome portable, put it on your USB drive and carry it anywhere. It has no difference compare with the standard Google chrome in terms of use, the only difference is that you can carry it with your flash drive. Portability means that it will work in any Windows computer with your setting on it. Like your standard Google chrome, you can install your favorite extensions, theme, save your...

Firefox Setting Backup and Restore

Backup your Firefox’s important bookmarks so that you can restore it to other computer or to a newly installed Firefox. You can even just backup your entire Firefox setting including bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords so that you can restore it like nothing has changed.

How to Make Firefox Portable

Make your Firefox portable making you run it from flash drive, carry it outside and insert to any PC. Portable Firefox has many benefit s because you can carry with it your own personal setting, extensions and saved passwords making you browse comfortable using your own setting and configuration in any PC.