Subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s Profiles Via RSS Feeds

To make our subscription to various pages on major social networking sites more systematic and less time consuming we need to put them together in one place and access them in just few clicks. This place is the RSS reader. The problem is on how to subscribed to those pages via RSS feeds for the reason that using the common way will not work. You will not find the phrase subscribe via RSS Feeds on twitter...

How and Why You Should Totally Power Off External Hard Drive When Ejecting

Unplugging Flash Drive after you ejected it is what people usually do even if the LED light is still blinking or still have light. In Microsoft’s earlier version of Windows operating system like Windows XP, LED light will be automatically turned off after you successfully ejected your flash drive. In Windows Vista and 7, Microsoft included a feature that even if you successfully ejected your flash...

Make Your Desktop Wallpaper Unchangeable

Prevent other user to change your preferred desktop wallpaper. This is mostly applicable to a computer with many users like school laboratory computers, workstations, internet café and other public computer or perhaps you don’t want other people to mess with your own personal computer’s wallpaper.

RSS Feed: Keep updated to all of your web subscriptions in one spot

To an average internet user who mainly spend his time on the internet by searching some keywords needed to finish his school assignments and then after he will login to his social network account to connect with his friends while listening to his favorite music on youtube, to this user, his internet life weren’t that complicated. But to a geeky type of internet life, things were not like this.

Make Your Mouse Left Hand Friendly For Left Handed Person

It is uncomfortable to use right centric mouse when you’re a left handed. Instead of buying left handed mouse from the store did you know that you can actually configure it so you can use it comfortably. Here’s how.

Clean Install and Formatting of Windows 7

You want a clean install of windows 7 for an upgrade or you want to replace your current operating system. Before we begin please take note of the following. If you have old OS of windows operating system like windows xp and want to migrate to windows 7 then you should first consider checking

Make Your Own Cheap Cost But Durable Mouse Pad

How to make your own mouse pad with the performance comparable to those in the store but low in cost. All you need is upholstery, a scissor, and a pen. You can buy upholster in any upholstery shop, furniture shop or sometimes in hardware.

Ways to Properly Eject USB Storage Device

Ejecting your flash drive before removing from USB port is necessary in order to avoid data loss and possible damage to the device. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to eject USB storage device.

Manually Create Bootable Flash Drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing operating system such as windows operating systems from flash drive has many advantages. First of all the overall speed of installation will be faster than dvd drive do. If you’re going to install windows 7 to a computer which require external dvd rom or have defective dvd drive such as netbook then things will get easier for you.

Blue Screen of Death on Startup / Reboot

When blues screen of death showed upon startup, like the picture below, it indicates faulty hardware installed on your computer. In many cases, blue screen of death is cause by a defective battery. It happened to me many times and I found out the battery is empty.