How to Change the Icon of Any App

You want to change your favorite application’s icon to something different so that it will look better or you want to be different from other. Or perhaps you want to change your app’s icon to something not noticeable or to camouflage it to other application so that other will not notice it. Here’s how.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) and MadVR Setting

Watch video in best quality with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) plus LAV Filters, Haali Media Splitter, and madVR renderer. madVR is a video renderer with the highest quality output and also a resources hungry renderer. Watch video of any format from downloaded video clips to high definition videos and blu-rays.

How to Start Page Numbering at the Middle of a Document in Microsoft Word

Microsoft word by default page number will start at the first page if you do so. But somehow we want to change the numbering at middle or somewhere in the document for any purpose. For example you’re making a thesis, you want page one to start somewhere because you will need the first page for title, abstract, table of contents, dedication and etc.

Make your computer say greetings to you after startup

Make your computer say some greetings to you after startup. Cool stuff but not difficult to do.

Uninstall Toolbars from Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

You may be annoyed from the first place that a toolbar consumes your browsers space and that’s the reason why you want to remove this annoying toolbars. Aside from that, the things that you must put your concern is what do toolbars will do to your browser. Most toolbars will change your homepage, manipulate search results and will redirect you to website with full of advertisements and pop ups.

Yahoo Mail – Invalid ID or Password

You want to login to your yahoo mail and shocked when you see this message “Invalid ID or Password”, you verified that you inputted your correct ID and password, but still you cannot login. Then don’t be too shocked, I often encounter this problem too, and this not caused because someone has hacked into your account.

How to create system restore point in windows 7

System restore  is a a process of rolling back installed programs, system setting and files to a previous state in case of system failure or malfunction. System restore point is automatically created weekly or if you install program and driver. You can create restore point manually so that if a system failure or virus infection occur, you can rollback your system to the nearest time possible when...

How to Setup a Wireless Router

You can share your internet connection, printer, play game online or within the LAN with your brother and sister or friends, and share your files or devices. Most devices today needed to connect online wirelessly in order to use all of its features.

How to hide folder and files in windows 7 and Windows 8

Making folder and files hidden in windows 7 is a simple task. People mostly hide their files because they don’t want other people to use or see it. So here’s what to do.

Restore Computer to Previous State in Windows 7

Sometimes when something goes wrong, we wish to just turn back the time. In windows operating system you can turn back your computer to previous state of time when something bad happened. Use system restore to restore your computer to earlier state where your computer is working fine.