Split Files Into Parts Using Winrar

How to split big file into many small parts using winrar. Splitting file is useful specially when you’re going to send it to someone but the file is too big and you have a slow internet connection

Create Windows 7 or Windows 8 Bootable USB and DVD using Windows7 USB DVD Tool

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool is a tool used to create Windows 7 or Windows 8 bootable USB or DVD. Microsoft created this software in order to assist people who download and buy windows OS online. Before we begin download and install Windows 7 USB DVD Tool from 

Files on Flash Drive Have Changed to Single Shortcut

All files on your flash drive suddenly changed to a single shortcut. This is a sign that a virus has infected you flash drive or penetrated your system. You know what it mean if a virus has infected your PC. All your sensitive files might be compromised or the virus will make your system super slow.

How to Activate Windows 7

You need to activate windows within 30 days upon installation. Activation verifies that your copy of windows 7 is genuine and not installed on more computer other than the license term allow. After Microsoft verified your copy, you now deserve to receive software updates and security patches from Microsoft.

White in Windows 7 Becomes Yellow or Dirty White When Viewing Images

This problem happens most of the time after windows update or after you install adobe photoshop. Part of the photo with white colors turned into yellowish or dirty white color. Also windows photo viewer background inherent this problem.  This happened because your color management profile has been changed. You need to put back the right setting.

Other Drive Does Not Appear After Format

After you formatted your drive, drive d or other drives won’t appear. This is because drive d is unallocated and not yet formatted that’s why it will not appear. To make it appear you make to format it yourself.

How to open windows task manager

Sometimes when we want to kill a program that cannot be easily closed by just only hitting the x button, we will open the task manager. But what if that program is manifested by a virus and the common ctrl+alt+delete is not working. Perhaps you just want to know other way to access task manager. Here’s the different ways to access task manager.

How to Show or Hide Hidden Drive, Folders and Files in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Sometimes we need to view hidden files and folder in cases like our file suddenly disappear, we need to double check if they are really deleted or other just hide them. We also need to show hidden files and folder in order to troubleshoot some problems.

Files Disappeared after Antivirus Detects and Delete virus From USB

Your files suddenly disappeared after your antivirus software detects and deleted a virus from your USB. It happens in scenario like your inserted your usb into your friend’s computer and upon inserting to your own computer a virus was detected and deleted the problem is all of your files disappeared.

How to Open Command Prompt in Windows 7

Command prompt let you run applications, edit windows setting and access files by issuing the command for it to the command prompt. There are two types of command prompt. The first is the standard command prompt or non-elevated command prompt and the other one is the elevated command prompt.The differences of the two is non-elevated command prompt lets you execute command without administrative privileges...