Create Firefox Profile: Increase Privacy From Other User

What are the benefits of creating your own Firefox profile? If you have your own profile, you can keep your installed extensions, bookmarks, saved password, browsing history and other customization into isolation.

Like Google chrome which allows you to add user profiles, Firefox has this option too, it is just hidden. Firefox by default uses a single profile for many users that’s why if you don’t clear your browsing history, next user could see what website did you visit or what you do on the web. Many users are not aware of this capability to create user profile probably because this option is not visible or available on Firefox’s interface. You can create profile trough profile manager which is accessible externally, meaning you should close your Firefox in order to access it.


To open profile manager:

Close Firefox if open. Press Windows Key + R then enter the code below.

For 32 bit:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -p

For 64 bit:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -p


To create new profile:

  1. Open profile manager then click Create Profile. Create Profile Wizard will open, click Next to continue.2
  2. Enter your profile name, then click Finish to exit wizard. By default your profile will be saved to Firefox’s profile folder. If you want to save it another location skip this step and proceed to step 3. If this setup is fine to you then skip step 3 and proceed to step 4.4
  3. To save your profile to different location click Choose Folder. Browse the folder you want to save your profile then click Select Folder. Finally click Finish to exit Create Profile Wizard. I save my profile to the drive not occupied by my operating system so that if in case I need to reformat my system, I don’t need to backup it up. If you want more privacy and security to your profile folder, save it to your flash drive or external hard drive. Just be sure that drive path will not be changed every time you will use it like for example if it is drive F, it should be always drive F for it to work correctly.6
  4. In the profile manager, you will see list of all the profiles created. You need to choose one profile then put check on Don’t ask at startup, click Start Firefox lo lunch Firefox. This profile will be the one Firefox will use every time you will open Firefox. If you don’t do so, every time you will open Firefox, profile manager will open asking you if what profile will be going to use. I recommend selecting the default profile as this profile is the one being used and shared by all of the users before. (In case your computer has many users.)8


Opening Firefox using your own profile

Although you can use your profile through the profile manager, I suggest you should avoid using through it. To open Firefox with your profile, you simply need to create shortcut.

  1. Copy the current Firefox shortcut then paste it to your desired location. Right click on it then choose Properties. On the Target field, add the code below.
    -p "Profile Name"
    So that it will become something like this:
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -p "Profile Name"
    Take note of the space before and after –p.
  2. Rename your shortcut to whatever you like. You can save it to a location where no one can find. You can also start importing setting from other profile if you want.


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