Creating Homegroup in Windows 7

Windows 7 has the ability to easily connect and share files between desktop computers and laptops. This enables users to retrieve or share files and printer to other computers in the home network easily. If before, you save files or documents on your flash drive so that you can print it on your sister or brother’s printer, setting up homegroup will make it unnecessary at all. Actually you can setup homegroup right after you installed Windows but if you haven’t or the one who installed your Windows 7 does not create one for you then this tutorial will help you.

Before we begin there are things you should know first. If you’re using Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic edition, you can join to a homegroup but cannot make one. Make sure that you belong on the same router with the computers you want to be part of your home network later and each must have different names.

Let’s Start

  1. Click Start Menu then input Homegroup in the search box to search for homegroup. Click HomeGroup fron at the search result to go to HomeGroup setting.1
  2. You are now on the HomeGroup setting. If currently there’s a HomeGroup existing to your network, it will prompt you to join and will not be able create a new one. If not, then Create homegroup button will be visible from the setting. Click it to proceed to the next step.2
  3. Select what you want to share by checking the checkbox next to the particular folder. Click Next to proceed to next step.3
  4. Copy the  assword on the box. You need this to be able other computer to join the homegroup. If you want to memorize it instead of copying down and find it difficult, you can change it later. Finally click Finish to create the homegroup. We’re done!4

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