Emulate Android Smartphone on Your Computer

Experience the latest platform version of android. You have an old phone and you want to replace it with new android powered smart phone. But there’s one problem, you only have limited amount of money and you cannot afford the phone with the latest android platform (which is as of today is the Jelly Bean or 4.2 platform). You want to know and experience which platform will suit your money and which has the better performance. Don’t worry, you can test any android platform from your PC. These are called emulators for PC.


Download the following before we begin.


Creating Android Virtual Device

  1. Extract the SDK Tools you downloaded earlier. Open the folder then lunch the SDK Manager1
  2. Download and install the latest requirements by clicking the Install Package button. It is needed in order for you to run the latest platform.2
  3. After the SDK manager has finished downloading and installing the latest requirements, close it then open again. This is to make sure that the latest package is running. Click Tools > Manage AVDs then in the Android Virtual Device manager, click New.6
  4. Android Virtual Device Properties will open, input your device name under AVD Name, under Device you can choose an older device for stable and lighter performance like Nexus S. Under Target choose the latest API Level (as of date the latest is API Level 17, the Android Jelly Bean). Click OK to continue7
  5. Android Device Manager will open again. Choose your newly created device then click Start. An option will pop up, click Lunch to continue. Wait for the emulator to perform the startup completely. It may take several minutes depend on your hardware.12
  6. There we go! Virtual Android after successful startup. You can also install apps in virtual device but only in APK .14

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