Files Disappeared after Antivirus Detects and Delete virus From USB

Your files suddenly disappeared after your antivirus software detects and deleted a virus from your USB. It happens in scenario like your inserted your usb into your friend’s computer and upon inserting to your own computer a virus was detected and deleted the problem is all of your files disappeared. You know that your files are still there because your USB’s used space did not change. But even if you show hidden files and folder in folder option you still cannot find your files.



Here’s how to recover your files.

1. Open start menu and browse for command prompt or just press Windows Key + R (see how to open command prompt). Write cmd and press ok.


2. You are now on command prompt. Write the code below  then press enter.


attrib –h –r –s /s /d f:\*.*


Note that f is your flash drive.


3. Wait for the command prompt to execute the code. You”ll know if it is executed if the command prompt is ready to receive new command again.


4. Check your flash drive. It will contain 3 or 4 files and 1 folder or only 1 folder with no name. Delete all the files except for the folder. It contains all your missing files. Reorganize your files or rename the folder.


That’s it! Hope it help.

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  1. Rizwan Khan says:


  2. Diana says:

    Thank you so much! You’ve saved my work :)

  3. Zain Hasan says:

    Thank you so much. it worked

  4. Good day! I’ve tried to execute the two ways yet I can’t retrieve my important files. Are there any more ways to do to retrieve my files? Thanks, Jo-Ann.

  5. Mirza Hazique says:

    Jazak Allah Khair Brother

  6. elena says:

    thank you so much, I love you!

  7. aarti says:

    thank you. it worked……………..

  8. Zishan says:

    Thank you a lot… It Worked

  9. Yasser says:

    Thanks it works. First i doubted, then when i ran the command it really did work. Thank you so much.

  10. Sandy says:

    Thank you very much !
    You saved my sis’ flash drive !

  11. Khalid Hussain says:

    “Parameter format not correct”
    i used my usb in a friends pc and when i come back and plug it in my pc , my antivirus suddenly found threads in it, and asked me to resolve when i press resolve my usb became empty and all of my files were gone.. now there is only one shortcut left which the name this usb. and in the command prompt this msg comes and it doesnt work:
    “Parameter format not correct”
    pls help me

  12. Bala Ajax says:

    I really amazed is worked

  13. Charles says:

    ta katevases ola ? an nai ..tote thes ena pmmargroa to opoio legete winrareinai pagosmiws gnwsto apla pata sto internet winrar kai pigene katevase to ..elpizw na ksereis !kai meta tha prepei na patiseis sta arxeis aposimpiesi den kserw ti allo mporw na sou pw ..kalh tuxi

  14. Kanika says:

    thankyou soo very much.. you saved my life..

  15. samana says:

    great code. works beautifully

  16. chidi says:

    I use my black berry on a friends pc and after I lot my files and I try your cnd and it didntwork

  17. chidi says:

    Please are you there, I lost my files and videos. I need your help

  18. Ambrose says:

    I am very grateful. It worked like magic. More grace to you.

  19. John T says:

    The files that disappeared were all videos. I followed your instructions and it did bring them back …but they brought them all back as recovered files. How do I get them back to MP4 and flv files they were and viewable

    Would you mind emailing me your response

    Thank you in advance

  20. Fred Mboya says:

    Anti virus deleted my important files. This helped me recover them.

    Thank you so much.

  21. Puspa Grace says:

    It didn’t work for me… none of the files recovered. It shows access denied. Can you help me pls?

  22. sheena says:

    I am so close to crying when I thought the files were gone but thanks I found this. Thanks a lot!!!!

  23. iris says:

    this really does work! And thank you so much! I was so scared that I might lose all my work!

  24. Daive says:

    It said path not found

  25. Harshitha says:

    Thanks a lot

  26. Enayatullah says:

    Thank You So much!

  27. Roberto says:

    Thank you sooo much!!

  28. Don says:

    Thank you so much , you helped me ,,, wew

  29. toyin says:

    you are the best lifesaver.. thanks so much for saving 3.9G vital documents

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