Firefox Setting Backup and Restore

Backup your Firefox’s important bookmarks so that you can restore it to other computer or to a newly installed Firefox. You can even just backup your entire Firefox setting including bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords so that you can restore it like nothing has changed.


To Backup Bookmarks Only:

Open Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + B to open bookmarks library. Click Import and Backup>Backup then browse the location where you want to save it then press Save.

Firefo Bookmark Library



To Restore Bookmarks Only:

Open Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + B to open bookmark manager. Click Import and Backup>Restore>Choose File. Browse for the location of your backup file. This process can be both applied to standard and portable Firefox.




To Backup Whole Firefox Setting

  1. Close Firefox if open. Press Windows Key + R then copy and paste this path on the box and click OK.
  2. There should be only one folder you will see there named xxxxxxxx.default (xxxxxxxxxx referred to any given name) copy that folder to a safe location or to your USB. If you see more than one folder then copy the profile folder that you use.3



To Restore Whole Setting

  1. Follow instruction number one on how to backup whole setting.
  2. You will see one folder there named xxxxxxxxx.default. Open that folder then delete everything inside. Open the folder you have backed up before then copy everything inside and paste it on your current xxxxxxx.default folder. You successfully restored your settings.



To Back Up Whole Setting from Portable Firefox

Close Firefox portable if open. Navigate to your Firefox portable to this path if for example your Firefox portable is saved on drive F.


Copy the folder named profile to a safe location


To Restore Whole Setting to Firefox Portable

Close Firefox portable if open. Navigate to this folder if for example your portable Firefox is saved on drive F then delete everything inside profile folder.


Copy everything inside your backup folder you have saved before then paste it inside profile folder. You have successfully restored your entire setting.

You can also restore settings from standard Firefox and vice versa.

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