Flappy Bird Will Be Taken Down According To Creator


Flappy Bird is a huge hit and a success for a developer who only took 2 days for him to develop it. Considering that it leads in the free apps category both in Google Play and Apple’s App Store with more than 50 million downloads and estimated $50,000 daily earnings from ads revenue,  still its creator Dong Nguyen feel uneasy.


Earlier this day through his Twitter account, he made an announcement indicating that he will pull out the game presumably from Google Play and Apple App’s Store. He then clarified that it’s not because of legal issues and he’s not selling the game and that he’s still making games. “I just cannot take it anymore”, said Nguyen.


People specifically game enthusiasts are wondering if the game is actually sued by Nintendo as the game is very similar to those in Mario Brothers specifically the obstacle pipes. The game concept is also identical to Piou Piou in which the bird needs to float in order to survive.


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  1. Raib Mondol says:

    The apps is very nice for child. I have sister she like this very much.

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