How to Activate Windows 7

You need to activate windows within 30 days upon installation. Activation verifies that your copy of windows 7 is genuine and not installed on more computer other than the license term allow. After Microsoft verified your copy, you now deserve to receive software updates and security patches from Microsoft.

There are three ways to activate your windows 7. You can activate it by internet, modem, and phone. If you want to activate windows via internet, then you must have active internet connection, if you want to activate by telephone, you must have telephone line and so on. You can find your product key on your computer, or inside the windows package. If you download and order it online, you can find your product key on the confirmation email sent by Microsoft.

If your already inputted your product key during installation, you do not need to activate it manually. It will be automatically activated three days after you install windows 7.


Activate Windows via Internet

  1. To activate using internet, click start, right click computer then click properties.1
  2. Click Activate Windows Now.2
  3. Choose activate windows online now.3
  4. Input your windows 7 product key. Click next then follow the instruction.4
  5. If activation is successful, a verification message will appear saying that you successfully verified your windows 7.5


Activate Windows by Phone

  1. Follow steps one to three from activate windows via internet.
  2. Press show me other ways to activate.1-phone
  3. Click use the automated phone system.2-phone
  4. Input your windows product key and press next.3-phone
  5. Call the number available. An automated system will guide you until you finish the process. Write down the confirmation ID that the system gives to you.4-phone

Your windows 7 is now activated. Congratulation!


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