How to Change the Icon of Any App

You want to change your favorite application’s icon to something different so that it will look better or you want to be different from other. Or perhaps you want to change your app’s icon to something not noticeable or to camouflage it to other application so that other will not notice it. Here’s how.

  1. Download and install Resource Hacker. It’s the tool we’re going to use in order to accomplish the task. Also be sure you already have the icon you’re going to use.
  2.  Navigate to the .exe file of the application you’re going to modify or just go to its desktop shortcut right click it, then click open file location.
  3. Right click the exe file then choose Open using Resource Hacker.
  4. You’re now inside resource hacker. Under Action tab, click Replace Icon.3
  5. Locate your new icon by clicking open file with new icon. Once you located your new icon, click replace in order to replace the old icon.
  6. Click File then Save in order for the changes to take effect.
  7. Close Resource Hacker. Locate again your app’s .exe file. Your Icon is now replaced and you’ll notice that a new .exe file was added with _original at the end so that it will become yourappsname_orignal. This is the backup of your previous .exe just in case your app will not work properly due to the changes, you can always make a roll back. Just delete the new .exe file with new icon and remove _original at the end of the backup file.6

You’re done!

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