How to Enter BIOS Setup

BIOS is the first program run by the computer after you press the power button. It stands for Basic Input Output System. Its basic function is to initialize and test your hardware like your keyboard and mouse. After then it will load your operating system and other programs from your storage device. You need to configure your BIOS setting like for example you need to boot from DVD ROM in order to reformat your PC. Inside your BIOS setting, you can also manage your other hardware, set password, set the date and time, etc. To access BIOS setting you need to press a certain key or combination of keys from your keyboard. If what key to be press, it depends on your motherboard.


The best way to know what key you need to press to access your BIOS setting is to read your system’s documentation. It is included on the box of your computer system or motherboard after you purchase it. If you don’t have the documentation, you can still find what key to press right after you press the power button of your computer.

Get ready yourself to act quickly. After you press the power button, pay close attention on the screen. A message saying, press del to enter BIOS setting or something like that will appear. You need to press that key before your operating system takeover your system. On some System, you need to press another key or combination or keys in order to enter BIOS setting.

BIOS setup1

Newer computers need to press one of these keys in order to enter BIOS setting.

Esc, Del, F1, F2, F10

Old computers have different ways entering BIOS setting. In some, you need to press combination of keys. Like the one in the list.

Ctrl + Alt + Enter, Ctrl + Alt + Esc, Ctrl + Alt + Ins, Ctrl + Alt + S, Page Down Key, Page Up Key

[icon name=”icon-warning-sign”]Be careful inside BIOS setting, don’t touch things that you are not aware what might the outcome will be. If you accidentally change setting of any certain option without knowledge of its function then quickly put it back to its previous setting. If you cannot remember what is the previous setting then exit BIOS setting without saving the changes by pressing Esc (Escape) button.

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