How to Hide Drives from Device and Drive List Without Affecting its Functionality


You can hide your drives in your computer for the reason that you seldomly access it or you want privacy because of the content is so important that might be accidentally deleted by your children or anyone who uses the computer.

Still, you have full access to the drive if you type their path and applications using it will work properly as usual.

I’ve tried this method on windows 7 and 8 and they are working properly. So let’s begin.

1. Open registry editor by searching regedit from start menu. You can also open registry editor via run command by pressing windows key + r then type regedit and press enter. Click yes if prompted by User Account Control or UAC. Be careful with registry editor, a single mistake can cause your windows to behave strangely or totally ruin your computer.

run command

2. Navigate to


If explorer does not exist, right click on Policies and click new key and name it Explorer. Most likely NoDrives key does not exist by default so you need to create it. Right click on the right pane, create new 32bit DWORD and name it NoDrives. NoDrives

3. Use the given registry key value below assigned to specific drive letter. Use that value for NoDrives DWORD key as decimal. 

Decimal Value1248163264128256


Now for example you want to hide multiple drives, you can by adding its values. For example you want to hide drive D and drive E, the value you need to input is 24 for drive E is equal to 8 and drive D is equal to 16.

4. In order to take effect, you need to restart your PC or explorer.exe in task manager.


That’s it! Cheers!

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