How to hide folder and files in windows 7 and Windows 8

Making folder and files hidden in windows 7 is a simple task. People mostly hide their files because they don’t want other people to use or see it. So here’s what to do.


  1. Go to the file or folder you want to hide. Right click the folder, group of folder or file you want to hide then select properties.
  2. Change your folder or file attribute into hidden by checking the checkbox named hidden in the property table.2
  3. If the one you’re going to hide is just the folder and you don’t want to include the file, then choose apply changes to this folder only. If you choose apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files then the folder and subfolders and files inside it will also be set into hidden.
  4. Your folder and files are now hidden. If you want to unhide it, just uncheck Hidden on instruction number 2. To show hidden files and folder go to this link for tutorial.

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