How to Make Firefox Portable

Make your Firefox portable making you run it from flash drive, carry it outside and insert to any PC. Portable Firefox has many benefit s because you can carry with it your own personal setting, extensions and saved passwords making you browse comfortable using your own setting and configuration in any PC.


We need these two requirements for the installation.

  1. Firefox Portable Installer. (from
  2. Your Flash Drive. (You can also install it to any location of your PC.)



  1. Open your Firefox portable installer. Click Next to continue.1
  2. Click Browse to locate your flash drive or you desired installation directory. Click Install to continue.2
  3. Click Finish to finish installation.3

You have successfully installed your Firefox portable. You can now begin importing your bookmarks or your whole Firefox setting.


Updating Portable Firefox

Like the standard Firefox, portable Firefox should be also updated to its latest version to ensure best performance.

To perform automatic update, open your portable Firefox. Press Alt button on the keyboard so that Firefox menu bar will appear. Click Help>About Firefox then click Check for Updates button. Wait for it to perform and finish the update.



To perform manual update, follow the following instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of Firefox from Firefox’s website.
  2. Open the installer, click Next to continue.2
  3. Choose Custom for the setup type then click Next.3
  4. Click Browse to choose for the destination folder.4
    Locate and expand your portable Firefox folder. For example you installed it on drive D, click and expand D>FirefoxPortable>App>Firefox. Click OK to proceed.
  5. Click Next to proceed to next step.6
  6. Uncheck all options for the shortcut to create then click Next.7
  7. Uncheck Use Firefox as my default browser then click Upgrade.8
  8. Uncheck Launch Firefox now and hit Finish.9

You have successfully updated your portable firefox!

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  1. PERCE-NEIGE says:

    Hi. Please, explain how we can have portable extensions in Firefox portable, and plugins, thanks.

    • TripleL says:

      If you’re saying the extensions itself, I think there’s no way of doing that. You can install firefox portable and have the extensions there on the go. Thanks!

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