How to Make Your Online Accounts Totally Unhackable


As we comply with the society’s trend, our online accounts get multiplied day by day. For example you got new smartphone, in order to enjoy its most functionality you need to subscribe to various online services like for a data sync account, email account, social networking accounts, photo sharing accounts and online communities that might caught your interests. Making this accounts safe is a must otherwise you may suffer being your account stolen making your sensitive data in the hands of ill persons.

Here’s a complete guide to make these things never happen to you.


#1. Avoid sharing your account to others. Even this person is your most trusted friend, it is better for the sake of security to not share your accounts to them. It is not because you didn’t trust them but it is because of threats they are not aware of when using your accounts. Like for example they use your account on a machine loaded with spywares or that person possesses careless personality.


#2. Keep your Anti-Virus Updated Regularly. If you run a computer plainly without anti-virus, you’ll be notified by your machine’s action center that you are at risk. Not updating it is no difference. Threats were being written and spread everyday so you must keep your antivirus up to date. Not updating it regularly will get you high chance being infected by viruses and spywares that might listen to your online activities especially if you often download stuff from the internet.


#3. Do not login your account to untrusted sites. This is a common scenario among online gamers. Hackers lurking online waiting in ambush for the right person of their interest. They will communicate and befriend with their victim and then will offer if the victim wants to upgrade his account to premium for free or if he wants premium items. These hackers will soon introduce a link to the victim and will instruct to login in order to get the free upgrade or item. Don’t get fooled by this modus, it is totally out of common sense to login to websites not associated with your account. Although most of the victims are online gamers, this modus can also be used to hack your emails and other accounts.


#4. Keep your personal information out of public reach. Hacker can guess your password by just looking on your biological information. People tend to use password base on their birthday, phone number, the name of their girlfriend/boyfriend, place of birth and the others that could make them to keep remember the password which is wrong. This type of hacking is also known as social engineering. Hacker will analyze your biological information, your behavior and sometimes will interact and manipulate you in order to gain the information they need.


#5. Make your password strong. As the title says, do not use password that can be guessed and social engineered easily. Avoid passwords like password123456, password that contains your name or your contact number, birthday etc. To make your password strong it should be an alpha numeric character both lower and upper case, like for example pSsawRod231.


#6. Do not use the same password on every site. Using the same password for all of your account will only put all of account in danger if one gets hacked. This one you probably already aware of but there’s one you maybe did not know. I will give you a question, if a hacker can manage to pull out usernames and passwords by hacking the database of a site then how about a site administrator? Site administrators are the ones that can fully access data and files as they are the one responsible for the site. So if this administrator specially if only hired and have bad intention deep inside then one day decided to do dirty things, all of your accounts online will be compromised.


#7. Just be friendly and humble online. This isn’t technical but will make you out of any hacker’s radar. Being just simple and no enemy online will save you from these hackers. Boasting financial capacity and engaging bitter conversations online is one of the main reasons why people resort on hacking someone’s account. Besides just being friendly and have no enemy have good reflection in your life and will keep you smiling. And smiling is the younger sibling of laughter, this only proves that laughter is still the best medicine. I just want to insert that line, but seriously avoiding the root will make trouble nowhere to grow.

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