How to Open Command Prompt in Windows 7

Command prompt let you run applications, edit windows setting and access files by issuing the command for it to the command prompt. There are two types of command prompt. The first is the standard command prompt or non-elevated command prompt and the other one is the elevated command prompt.The differences of the two is non-elevated command prompt lets you execute command without administrative privileges meaning you cannot execute or access files that require administrative rights while elevated command prompt let you execute, run, or access files as the administrator of the computer.

Non-elevated command prompt


Elevated Command Prompt


Ways to Open Non-elevated Command Prompt.

1. Searching in start menu.

Click Start or press Windows Key then type in cmd.


























2. Run Command Prompt.

Press Windows key + R then write cmd and press ok.











3. Press and hold Shift, right click drive or folder you want to run command prompt then choose Open command window here.



Ways to open elevated command prompt.

1. Search Start Menu.

Click Start then search cmd. Right click cmd then click Run as Administrator.


























2. Create desktop shortcut or Pin to start menu.

Search cmd in start menu, right click then choose open file location. Right click then you can either create desktop shortcut or pin it to start menu.




























Hope it help.

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