How to Setup a Wireless Router

You can share your internet connection, printer, play game online or within the LAN with your brother and sister or friends, and share your files or devices. Most devices today needed to connect online wirelessly in order to use all of its features.

  1. To setup wireless network you need an active internet connection, a wireless router and rj45 cable. Most wireless router already included rj45 cable in the box upon purchase.
  2. Turn on your internet modem then wait for it to connect to internet. If a light named internet is blinking then the modem has connected successfully.
  3. Connect the rj45 cable from the modem to the WAN port of your wireless router. WAN port is located at the back of the router usually color blue and labeled WAN.router_1
  4. Plugin your router to your power supply. Turn the power on. Most routers automatically turned on when plugged and doesn’t have power button.
  5. Wait for the router to initiate connection. When the WAN light turned on or blinked, this indicates that the connection was successful.
  6. Routers have different user interface or admin panel. Proceed with the installation by following the instruction on the installation disc that come up with the device. This will include setting your SSID and wifi password, keeping your wifi more secured and other miscellaneous settings. Save your setting and start connecting your devices to the router.

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