How to Show or Hide Hidden Drive, Folders and Files in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Sometimes we need to view hidden files and folder in cases like our file suddenly disappear, we need to double check if they are really deleted or other just hide them. We also need to show hidden files and folder in order to troubleshoot some problems.

1. We can access folder option by either of the two.

  • Open any folder, on the upper left side of the windows click organize>folder and search options.


  • Open any folder then press alt. A toolbar will appear below the address bar. Click Tools>Folder Options.


2. You are now on folder option. On folder option’s tab click view then under hidden files and folder choose show hidden files, folders, and drives. Uncheck hide empty drive in the computer folder. Also uncheck hide protected operating system files. A warning message will appear asking if you really want to show hidden system files. Be careful with system files. Your system may not work properly if you don’t know what you’re doing so I advise you to not touch this one unless you really need it.


3. If the hidden file you are searching is from your USB drive and even you followed the instruction above, your file still doesn’t appear. You know your files are still there and not deleted because your USB’s used space didn’t change. In this case it might be cause by a virus. You can still recover your files by following this procedure.

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