How to Start Page Numbering at the Middle of a Document in Microsoft Word

Microsoft word by default page number will start at the first page if you do so. But somehow we want to change the numbering at middle or somewhere in the document for any purpose. For example you’re making a thesis, you want page one to start somewhere because you will need the first page for title, abstract, table of contents, dedication and etc. Obviously these are the initial page of a thesis and page number should be in roman numerals form.

I will guide you on how to start page one somewhere of the document.

  1. Open your document, locate the page where you want to setup page one. Put the cursor before the first word of that page by clicking on it. If the page doesn’t contain any composition yet, then click the first line. In my example take note that the cursor is located before the first word and it is on page six.1
  2. Be sure that you followed correctly instruction number one. Under page layout click Breaks then Next Page.2
  3. Double click the footer area of page six, we will now insert its page number and unlink page six from the previous pages (one to five) so that we can make page six as page number one. While on the footer area, click “link to previous” under the design tab so that it will be unselected.4
  4. While still on the footer area, click page number and select your page number style.5
  5. After you selected the design, click Page Number again then hit Format Page Numbers.6
  6. Page Number Format table will open. At page numbering section, choose start at then input 1 and click ok.7
  7. To exit from the footer area, double click the body section of your document. Check your document now, page number one should start on the page you selected. You can still input page number to the remaining pages like in my example page one to five, whether roman numerals or not.

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