Increase Google Chrome Browsing Privacy and Security by Creating Profile

Although Google chrome offers option to create individual user profile, you are still not safe. The worst of it, even if you totally signed out from your account, anyone can switch into it and have full access to your browsing history, extensions and most of all your saved passwords. Take note even if you totally signed out! They can go to Facebook and because your password is saved, password field will automatically be filled with your password and in just one press, viola, they have login to Facebook using your account.


Because of it I can say that this capability of Google chrome to create individual profile is useless in term of security because your saved passwords are not protected. There is one solution to it, you can still create user profile like Google chrome does, but this time you will create user profile by using different folder from the Google chrome using. This one is similar about my previous posting regarding Firefox’s profile manager. We will create user profile directly to Google chrome’s installation files.

Google Chrome’s User Profile

Before we begin on creating your profile, I will show you first where is Google chrome’s user profile location.

  1. Press Windows Key + R the paste the code below.%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data


  2. You will see a folder named Default. It is the folder where your extensions, browsing history, saved passwords and other customization were saved.7


Creating Your Own Profile Folder

Create Folder to any location. You can create your profile folder in place where is your operating system is not installed so that in case you reformat it, you don’t need to backup your profile folder. You can also create profile folder externally like on your flash drive to make it more secured. Just make sure that the location will not be changed every time you will use your flash drive, like for example your flash drive is Drive F, make sure it will be always drive F if you will use it.


Accessing Your New Profile

By creating your profile folder you already created your profile. So we will access it now.

  1. Copy Google chrome’s current shortcut then paste it on a safe location. Rename it to whatever you like.
  2. Right click on it then click Properties. At the Target field, add your profile folder’s location at the format given below if for example your profile folder is on drive F.--user-data-dir="F:\Your Folder Name"

    So that it will become something like this. Take note of the space before --user-.

    "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir="F:\Your Folder Name"

    To copy your profile folder’s location, simply open the folder then copy the address from the address bar.4

  3. You can now use Google chrome with your own profile. Just click the new shortcut you modified. You can also begin restoring your previous setting to your new profile if you want.

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