Make Google Chrome Portable

Make Google chrome portable, put it on your USB drive and carry it anywhere. It has no difference compare with the standard Google chrome in terms of use, the only difference is that you can carry it with your flash drive. Portability means that it will work in any Windows computer with your setting on it. Like your standard Google chrome, you can install your favorite extensions, theme, save your passwords and apply customization.


In installing portable Google chrome we need these two requirements:

  1. Portable Google chrome installer from
  2. Your flash drive (you can also use other locations).


Let’s begin.

  1. Open Google chrome portable installer, select your language then press OK. Installation wizard will initiate, press Next to continue. Click Agree to agree with the license agreement.
  2. Browse for the installation location e.g. your flash drive or any location. Press Install to continue.4
  3. Installation wizard will download latest version of Google Chrome from the net, so basically this installation process require internet connection. It take sometimes to download depends on your connection. When downloading is finished it will automatically begin the Installation.
  4. Congratulations you have successfully installed your portable Google chrome. Press Finish to exit the installation wizard. You can now begin importing your exported bookmarks.7

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