Make Windows Media Player Your all Around Media Player

Some people think that they have windows media player then why they need to use another player. Well, it is because Windows Media Player has limitations. First it cannot play all of the media files and second, some subtitle seems not to work in some videos even though windows media player supports subtitle. If we can eliminate this problem, we can use windows media player comfortably and probably there’s no need for another media player. Follow the following instructions. We’re going to make windows media player our all around media player.



Download the latest version of the following for us to make this happen.


Installing CCCP Codec Pack

  1. Open CCCP Installer, click Next to continue. By default CCCP will be installed in the Program Files folder, click Browse if you want to change the installation folder, Click Next to continue. Select Start Menu Folder option will appear, click Next to select the default folder.4
  2. Be sure to check Register extensions in 32-bit Windows Media Player.5
  3. Select No Players for Select Components option then click Next to proceed. Click Install to continue installation.
  4. Check Reset All Settings then hit Next to continue. Finally click Finish to exit installation.7



Using Win7DSFilterTweaker

Although we already installed CCCP codec pack, windows media player will still not use it to its supported video format resulting to not displaying of some subtitles if the video have subtitle. We need to force windows media player to use CCCP codec pack to all of the video formats.

  1. 7DSFilterTweaker is a standalone software, meaning we don’t need to install it in order to work. Copy it to a safe location then open. Upon opening you’ll see three options there. Click MS Codec Tweaks.1
  2. Check all the checkboxes then click Apply & Close. Click Exit to exit 7DSFilterTweaker. If you encounter  any problem like for example you’re compiling a video using Windows Movie Maker, you can always  revert the setting to default by clicking the reset botton.2

That’s it! You can now watch any video format using Windows Media Player. If you encounter any problem please feel free to comment so that I can help you.

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