Make your computer say greetings to you after startup

Make your computer say some greetings to you after startup. Cool stuff but not difficult to do.

  1. Open notepad, you can search notepad in start menu or just press Windows key + R then type notepad and press ok.
  2. Paste this code to notepad.
    Dim message, speak
    message="Welcome back user"
    Set speak=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
    speak.Speak message
    You can replace “Welcome back user” with anything you like your computer to speak.2
  3. Save it as filenameyouwant.vbs anywhere in your computer. Note that it must be in .vbs extension.3
  4. Open the vbs file you save to test. If you heard the message you input earlier then you did it right. Open start menu>all programs then right click startup folder and choose open.4
  5. You are now in startup folder. Copy and paste here the vbs file you saved earlier. You will hear the message on the next restart and every time you restart your computer.

You can make any variations from this tutorial you want your computer to speak. For example you want to make a reminder to other person who will use your computer.

Hope you learn from this post.

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