Make Your Mouse Left Hand Friendly For Left Handed Person

It is uncomfortable to use right centric mouse when you’re a left handed. Instead of buying left handed mouse from the store did you know that you can actually configure it so you can use it comfortably. Here’s how.


  1. Go to your system’s cursor folder by navigating to this location C:\Windows\Cursors. Create new folder and name it to whatever you like.
  2. Download all the pointers for left handed look from this link then save it to the folder that you created earlier.
  3. Click Start then search mouse. (You can also access mouse trough control panel)1
  4. Under Buttons tab, check Switch primary and secondary buttons.2
  5. Under Pointers tab, click Save as then input name whatever you like.
  6.  Replace each cursor with the one that we download before. Select each cursor then click Browse to replace it with its counterpart from the cursors that we downloaded. Finally Click OK to save your new pointer setting.5

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