Make Your Own Cheap Cost But Durable Mouse Pad

How to make your own mouse pad with the performance comparable to those in the store but low in cost. All you need is upholstery, a scissor, and a pen. You can buy upholster in any upholstery shop, furniture shop or sometimes in hardware. In my country here in Philippines, upholstery is commonly used as jeepney seat cover so it is not hard to find upholster here. It only cost me more or less Php 100 or less than $3 for 1 x 1 yard. With this I can make a dozen of mouse pads.

Get your old mouse pad then put it over the upholstery (reverse side) then trace it using a pen. Finally cut it out using scissor. You should have like this one. The rough side is the one usable while the smooth side is the one facing the table. This mousepad is washable by the way.


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