Manually Create Bootable Flash Drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing operating system such as windows operating systems from flash drive has many advantages. First of all the overall speed of installation will be faster than dvd drive do. If you’re going to install windows 7 to a computer which require external dvd rom or have defective dvd drive such as netbook then things will get easier for you. If you’re a computer facilitator on a computer laboratory or on a company that frequently reformat computers then it is more comfortable to use flash drive than dvd rom.
Besides from all of that flash drive is more portable, compact and energy efficient. Now a day that global warming is getting serious, saving energy is a little way to conserve our nature.

In order to create bootable flash drive we will need the following.
  • Empty flash drive at least 4gb in size.
  • Windows 7 installer

Before we begin, let me notify you that you can also create bootable flash drive using third party software like windows 7 USB DVD Tool. This is the easier way, so why you should learn this tutorial if there is an easier way? Maybe, mainly for educational reason. What if all of your backup were wiped out, you are isolated and can’t connect to the internet. Remember that a geek must adopt to all of the situation. lolz. Follow the procedure here.

Note that you can only create 32 bit bootable flash drive if your current operating system is 32 bit and 64 bit bootable flash drive for 64 bit operating system currently installed. Let’s begin.

  1. Insert your flash drive. Close autoplay window if appear. In order to avoid confusion, be sure that the only flash drive inserted is the one that you’re going to make as bootable flash drive.
  2. Press Windows Key + R, type in cmd  then click ok.cmd
  3. You’re now on command prompt. We will open diskpart utility, type diskpart then hit enter.diskpart
  4. We’re on diskpart utility now. Execute this command list disk and hit enter.diskpart_list_disk
  5. List disk command will show currently installed drives in your computer. It will only include hard disk and USB drives. Take note of the disk number of your flash drive. You will notice it because of the difference in size. Mine is 8 GB so it is obvious that my USB is disk 1. To select your disk number, input disk # then hit enter. Note that # is the number of your flash drive.3
  6. After selecting your flash drive, input clean then press enter.4
  7. After a message has appear stating that disk is clean, input create partition primary then hit enter.5
  8. After diskpart has succeeded in creating partition, input select partition 1 then hit enter.6
  9. After selecting partition 1, input active then press enter.7
  10. Input this line then press enter. This will format the drive.

    Format fs=ntfs label=”Windows 7 Installer” quick

    You can replace the phrase inside the quotation with anything you want. This will be the name of your bootable flash drive.

  11. After format was success, input assign then press enter.11
  12. Input exit then press enter. Then close command prompt.12
  13. You’re now ready to copy windows 7 installation files to your bootable flash drive. Insert your Windows DVD installer to dvd rom. If you have downloaded it and bought online then mount it using your mounting tool. Open the installation dvd, select all the content or just press Ctrl + A then right click and hit copy.2
  14. Right click your bootable flash drive then hit paste.3 (2)
  15. If you want you can also paste your computer drivers and notes inside of your bootable flash drive.4 (2)

You can now use it to install windows 7. Don’t forget to set your USB as primary boot device in BIOS setting.

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