Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) and MadVR Setting

Watch video in best quality with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) plus LAV Filters, Haali Media Splitter, and madVR renderer. madVR is a video renderer with the highest quality output and also a resources hungry renderer. Watch video of any format from downloaded video clips to high definition videos and blu-rays.


  1. Uninstall all current codec packs like k-lite and cccp, splitters, filters and renderer like ffdshow, haali, madVR, etc. Also uninstall if you have mpc-hc and vlc media player. This is to ensure that everything is on its default setting and everything is alright after the configuration.
  2. Download and install the latest version of the following.
    Media Player Classic Home Cinema x86 (zip file recommended)
    Haali Media Splitter (Official site is down, you can download from Videohelp alternatively)
    LAV filters
  3. In Haali Media Splitter setup, make sure you uncheck all in the setup options.Halii installation setup
    Install LAV Filters with its default configuration. Uncompress madVR then put it to a permanent location. To install, navigate for a batch file named install. Right click into it and choose run as administrator.madVR installation
  4. Open MPC-HC or if you downloaded the zip version, navigate to its folder and open mpc-hc.exe. Go to View>options or just press O to open options. Media Player Classic Options
  5. Under Playback, click Ouput and set DirectShow Video into madVR. Note that if you experience lagging, low performance or unable to play any video at all, choose Haali Video Renderer instead.Media Player Classic Output Setting
  6. Go to Internal Filters and uncheck everything under it.Media Player Classic Internal Filters Settings
  7. Go to External Filters and add the following in specified order. Be sure to check and make each as your preferred filter.
    *File Source (Async.)
    *LAV Splitter
    *LAV Audio Decoder
    *LAV Video DecoderMedia Player Classic External Filters Setting
  8. Under Subtitles, set Sub pictures to buffer to 5 and Maximum texture resolution to Desktop. We’re done setting up mpc-hc. Click OK to close Options.Media Player Classic Subtitle Setting
  9. Now, we’re going to set up madVR. Play any video using mpc-hc. Right click madVR icon from the system tray then choose Edit madVR Setting.
  10. Under devices setup your device type.madVR Setting
  11. Expand deinterlacing then follow the following setting.madVR deinterlacing
  12. Under Scaling Algorithms, set each of three categories into Bilinear then click OK.madVRScaling
  13. Search LAV Splitter under start menu. In Input Formats tab, navigate to matroska and then uncheck it then click OK.LAV Splitter Setting

That’s it. Enjoy Watching!

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  1. SovonHalder says:

    Fantastic fast & easy description, dude.

    Thank you…

  2. Shivam says:

    Step 13 is not working for me….LAV splitter was not found but i installed lav filters correctly…pls help

  3. darrill says:

    Step 9 is where i get lost

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