Mozilla Firefox has launched its stable update for version 26.0

Firefox update for version 26.0 is already available and if you don’t want to wait for your browser’s notification you can go download the update from firefox’s website or by clicking Help>About firefox from the toolbar.



Major Changes

Java plugin click to play feature

Before, firefox will automatically load java plugin whenever a site is requesting for it but now it will be loaded on click to play basis meaning user permission must be granted first before Java will run or if a user set it to always on certain websites. This firefox’s approach to plugin puts user in control while providing performance, stability and more security specially if the plugin have known security vulnerabilities.

Password manager now supports scripts generated passwords

This is the problem of firefox before. Although script generated password could be remembered by the password manager, autofill will not work out the next time you login. This issue has been fixed now and there should be no more issue about autofills and script generated passwords.

Updates can now be performed by any user in windows operating system even without write permission to Firefox installation directory

Firefox solve the issue of unable to update firefox due to limited rights of user account. This means that you can update firefox even if you have limited user account rights, no need to wait for system administrator.

See the release note for the full change-log for firefox 26.0.

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  1. Rajib Mondol says:

    Firefox is probably give high speed to using internet. So I am always like to use Firefox. Firefox 26.0 version has some new tools to using internet. I think this version will be popular.

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