Offline Installer of Common Software that Requires Internet Connection for Installation

Basically After we formatted our computer or if we have bought new computer, we will begin installing our web browser, messenger client, flash player and other utility. Although Windows operating system includes its own web browser which is Internet Explorer if you’re a Windows user, we prefer to use other browser like Google Chrome for performance reason. If you were going to setup a single PC for home use, you don’t need offline installer at all. You can just install it directly from the internet of course by using Internet Explorer to go to Google Chrome’s installation page. In this situation I sympathize on what Internet Explorer feel because after Google Chrome successfully installed, it will never be used again or seldomly accessed.

What if you are a network facilitator and you need to install Google Chrome, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Adobe Flash Player and other utilities to each of the 50 units. It is very tiring and time consuming to connect to internet every time you will install this software. You might consider using full offline installer to do it easier and in lesser time. If your reason for searching of an offline installer is because you don’t have an internet connection, well that is nonsense because this applications requires internet in order to use.


Common Software and its Offline Installer


flash player

Adobe Flash Player

For Internet Explorer

All other Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Etc.)


Google Chrome

Google Chrome







Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

English | India | Indonesia |Philippines

If you want other app to be included in the list, don’t hesitate to drop a comment. Thanks!

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