People Convert Flappy Bird’s Popularity Into Profit

sulit flappy bird

It’s amazing how people get ride on hot stuff in the society and in the internet to convert them into profit. Weeks ago, people around the world become crazy to a new game called ‘Flappy Bird’. The game is simple but addictive. All you need to do is to tap the screen in order for the bird to fly. It is just like that, no for complicated controls and gameplay but it is extremely difficult.

The game does not only invade Google play and Apple Apps Store but also Youtube. Many people posting their gameplay and also searching for some strategy. There’s even a guy who recommend an easy method on how to beat Flappy Bird but he still fail not so far from the start. He ended up smashing his phone with a hammer which may look stupid and the guy only wasting money to some but in reality they guy is genius and not wasting money but earning much money because of the video’s high chance of getting viral. Youtube will pay him good sum of money for the advertisements it displayed.

After Flappy Bird become phenomenal, its creator unexpectedly pulls it out from Google Play and Apple App Store for no clear reason. Many speculated that it may because of Nintendo have sued him although he assured that it’s not because of it but rather personal. After the disappearance, many people take advantage of it including some game developer thinking it is their time now to shine.

If you’re one of those people who are upset of the sudden removal, don’t worry many people wan t to gain profit from your misery. It’s been first reported by Andrew Cunningham of ArsTechnica about thousands of smartphone sellers who included Flappy Bird on the phones they sell. Of course, it’s no difference to any ordinary day, many of this aren’t the real thing. It doesn’t require minuets or special skills to identify these frauds. I’m curious if people in my country have done the same way. After checking the one of the most popular classified ads website in my country (, I’ve found out that it turns out to be. On the other hand Android users didn’t have much problem as they can install applications from other people’s saved APKs.


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