Prevent Other People from Copying Your Files

You may be sick of other people who copy your hard earned files without permission specially your competitors from other net café. This scenario is often seen on networks such as net café and school laboratories. This people will login to your shop then will start copying you files, more likely the games installed. They do it without even asking for permission and the most thing you hate about it is because that person is actually from one of your competitors few meters away from your shop. So their strategy in order to compete to you is actually to steal your files.

You don’t want to totally disable USB ports because you don’t want to remove the feature that your customer can personally save or retrieve their own files from USB flash drive. You searched the internet and found software that will prevent those files stealers from stealing your files by disabling copy paste function but you don’t want to use this software because legit users will be affected by this too. Besides these software has loop holes in which you can still copy files by simply dragging it to the flash drive.

I have found a software that will solve this problem. This is written by a Filipino programmer, the concept is good but the software is needed to be improved. Unlike other, it will not restrict other users from retrieving and saving their own files to flash drive. It will only be active on files you have specified. Actually it will not prevent these stealers from copying the files. The software will allow them, but they will find out later that the file is totally unusable. This software actually scrambles the specified file’s byte (beginning section, middle and end) without changing the file attribute, look, and feel according to the author.

Before we begin I would like to notify you that this tutorial was not meant for corporate network that intends to totally not allow copying anything to flash drive. It is only for people who want to protect certain files. Also this application only support 32 bit operating systems for the meantime.


Let’s Begin

  1. Download the NCF Manager from the author’s blog and then install.
  2. Lunch the program, we’re going to add the files we want to protect. Click File > Add File(s) or just press Ctrl + A then browse for the files you want to protect. You can also just drag the file to the application to include it to the protection list just to make it more easier. In this process I recommend only to choose few files inside the installation folder. Like from my example, from the League of Legends installation folder, I only choose few files. Messing of any single file will result to not working of the whole application.8
  3. We now need to save the files we included in the list. Click File > Save or just press Ctrl + S. After that click Run > Start or press Ctrl + R to start the monitoring of the selected files.9
  4. Now let’s see the result. I copied one of the file to my USB flash drive.

   The original file:


  After I copied to USB flash drive:

2    It is not our fault if they spend their time for nothing. They should seek for the permission first. In this way   they      can avoid wasting their time if rejected and maintain respect from other people.

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  1. tom says:

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  2. tom says:

    Best plugin for wordpress site support disable copy, cut content and prevent download image from your website.

  3. Michael says:

    Does this protect someone from copying the file and emailing the document or just coping it to external drive?

  4. shia says:

    There is a significant hole in the software, you can copy the protected file,
    Is the folder the file is within it,
    The copy do not becomes corrupted and is not protected by software
    Then you can copy the copy where you want,
    Yet useful software to protect against copying the average user
    Thank you

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