Restore Computer to Previous State in Windows 7

Sometimes when something goes wrong, we wish to just turn back the time. In windows operating system you can turn back your computer to previous state of time when something bad happened. Use system restore to restore your computer to earlier state where your computer is working fine.



To restore your system please do as follows.

  1. You can access system restore either of the following.
    a. Searching from the start menu. Search System restore
    b. Press Windows key + R then run rstrui.exe.
    c. Click start right click my computer then select properties. A window will open then click system protection.2

    Another window will open then click system restore.3

    d. Click start menu>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore.4

    e. Open control panel, view by small icon then click on recovery. A window will appear then click open system restore.

  2. In any way you reach system restore, system restore wizard will open. Click next.6
  3. By default the most recent system restore point will be at the top. To show more restore point, check the box saying show more system restore points.7
  4. Select the restore point you desire. You can view affected program of the restore point you selected by clicking scan affected programs then wait for it to search for affected programs.8
  5. Click finish to confirm your restore point. A dialogue box will open, click yes to confirm. After system restore, your system will restart and will inform you if the system restore was success.9

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