RSS Feed: Keep updated to all of your web subscriptions in one spot

To an average internet user who mainly spend his time on the internet by searching some keywords needed to finish his school assignments and then after he will login to his social network account to connect with his friends while listening to his favorite music on youtube, to this user, his internet life weren’t that complicated. But to a geeky type of internet life, things were not like this. You probably have dozen of forum accounts, have one account to each of the social network sites, read some news on some mainstream media’s site and you need to check your favorite youtube channel for a new release.
If you have this kind of internet life, then instead of making your life entertained, you might rather feel exhausted just on logging in on this many accounts. Remember that you have a geeky internet life and a geek can find a solution to this problem.


Having this many accounts online you might searching to a solution where you can merge this many accounts into one account or perhaps by one click. You might be familiar of the image above. It is an RSS (Rich Site Summary) icon that you may have seen in many website. With this, they’re offering you to subscribe to their RSS feeds. RSS feed is a format used to publish blog posts, news headlines,  podcasts, forum posts and other in standardized format which can be read by RSS reader.


An example of RSS reader and its subscribed sites.


As you can see at the left column are the lists of sites subscribed and at the right column are the summaries of every post. Click the site on the left then read its content on the right.


RSS Reader

There are varieties of RSS Readers across the web. You can choose depend on the device and platform you use. This includes web RSS reader, applications for Mac, PC, Linux and for Smartphones such as iOS, Android and Windows platform.


For me still google reader is the best web RSS reader as for today everyone has its own google account especially when you have an android smartphone in your pocket. With your existing google account, you can subscribe to any site offering RSS feed in just a single click.

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