Subscribe to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube’s Profiles Via RSS Feeds

To make our subscription to various pages on major social networking sites more systematic and less time consuming we need to put them together in one place and access them in just few clicks. This place is the RSS reader. The problem is on how to subscribed to those pages via RSS feeds for the reason that using the common way will not work. You will not find the phrase subscribe via RSS Feeds on twitter and facebook or pasting the address to the subscribe box of a RSS Reader. We need some tweak to make this happen.

Facebook RSS[page_id]

This is the format facebook uses for their RSS feeds. You need to fetch and insert the profile ID to the URL. To get the ID, open the page of the facebook profile you want to subscribe. Click on the profile picture then you see something like this on the address bar.

Replace [page_id] with the one like 494216920632521. Take note that this will only work on page profile and not on individual profile.


Another way to get the page ID is by following this url format. Getting the page ID is easier using this than the first one. Suggested by the good dude down the comment section.[username]


Twitter RSS[user]


Replace [user] with the username of the profile you want to subscribe.


Youtube RSS[user]/uploads


Replace [user] with the channel you want to subscribe. You’ll be subscribed to the channel’s recent uploads.


For the RSS reader I recommend Google Reader. You can use Google Reader with your google account. To subscribe, just press SUBSCRIBE then input on the box the feed’s URL.

Google Reader has discontinued their service. I recommend Feedly as alternative, as like Google Reader, it offers better organization and experience of all of your subscription.


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  1. If the Facebook Page has a username, the best way to get its ID is going to«username» and look up to the “id”.

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