Switching Clash of Clans Multiple Accounts in One Device

Clash of clans is an awesome strategy game that can be played both on android and iOS device and even on PC. This game is so addicting that it can even change your daily habits and make you recharge your device more often than usual haha. They say no pain, no gain, but in this game it is no patient no gain because patience is a must specially when upgrading structures. Losing your patience may ruin your game because you will eventually rush your base and you’ll not enjoy much playing with a rushed base. I have a clan and we have trouble at the bottom most of my below th7 clanmates did not do well in their attack so I created another in order to make for the not so good attack at the bottom.

Note: Make sure you have separate google accounts already linked to each bases otherwise you may end up deleting the other one and I cannot be held accountable for that.


Let’s start!

  1. On your home village click Settings just like the image below.sshot-1
  2. Disconnect from Google Play Sign-In by clicking Connected button.sshot-2
  3. Once you’re disconnected, press the Disconnected button under Google Play Sign-In to reconnect.sshot-3
  4. If you’ve added multiple google accounts already to your device, you’ll be prompted to choose one otherwise click Add account to add a new account subsequent to the other one. If this is the first time you’ll play multiple clash of clans account in one device, you may be asked to install Google Play Games. Go ahead and install it from Google Play. Make sure each bases has its own google account linked to each other. Your game data and progress will be saved on it as well as on clash of clans serves. As long as it has its own google account you needn’t have to worry erasing your base even if you lost or wreck your device, you can recover it eventually using your google account.sshot-4
  5. Once you’ve choose your account, you’ll be ask if you really want to load it. Click Okay to load your base. A box then will popup asking for your confirmation. Confirm it by typing CONFIRM all in capital letters then click Okay.sshot-5

Just repeat the process to switch again to your other account. Don’t worry your account will always be there.


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