How to Enter BIOS Setup

BIOS is the first program run by the computer after you press the power button. It stands for Basic Input Output System. Its basic function is to initialize and test your hardware like your keyboard and mouse. After then it will load your operating system and other programs from your storage device. You need to configure your BIOS setting like for example you need to boot from DVD ROM in order to reformat...

Manually Create Bootable Flash Drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing operating system such as windows operating systems from flash drive has many advantages. First of all the overall speed of installation will be faster than dvd drive do. If you’re going to install windows 7 to a computer which require external dvd rom or have defective dvd drive such as netbook then things will get easier for you.

Create Windows 7 or Windows 8 Bootable USB and DVD using Windows7 USB DVD Tool

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool is a tool used to create Windows 7 or Windows 8 bootable USB or DVD. Microsoft created this software in order to assist people who download and buy windows OS online. Before we begin download and install Windows 7 USB DVD Tool from