Mozilla Firefox has launched its stable update for version 26.0

Firefox update for version 26.0 is already available and if you don’t want to wait for your browser’s notification you can go download the update from firefox’s website or by clicking Help>About firefox from the toolbar.   Major Changes Java plugin click to play feature Before, firefox will automatically load java plugin whenever a site is requesting for it but now it will be loaded...

Create Firefox Profile: Increase Privacy From Other User

What are the benefits of creating your own Firefox profile? If you have your own profile, you can keep your installed extensions, bookmarks, saved password, browsing history and other customization into isolation. Like Google chrome which allows you to add user profiles, Firefox has this option too, it is just hidden. Firefox by default uses a single profile for many users that’s why if you don’t...

Firefox Setting Backup and Restore

Backup your Firefox’s important bookmarks so that you can restore it to other computer or to a newly installed Firefox. You can even just backup your entire Firefox setting including bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords so that you can restore it like nothing has changed.

How to Make Firefox Portable

Make your Firefox portable making you run it from flash drive, carry it outside and insert to any PC. Portable Firefox has many benefit s because you can carry with it your own personal setting, extensions and saved passwords making you browse comfortable using your own setting and configuration in any PC.

Uninstall Toolbars from Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

You may be annoyed from the first place that a toolbar consumes your browsers space and that’s the reason why you want to remove this annoying toolbars. Aside from that, the things that you must put your concern is what do toolbars will do to your browser. Most toolbars will change your homepage, manipulate search results and will redirect you to website with full of advertisements and pop ups.