Prevent Other People from Copying Your Files

You may be sick of other people who copy your hard earned files without permission specially your competitors from other net café. This scenario is often seen on networks such as net café and school laboratories. This people will login to your shop then will start copying you files, more likely the games installed. They do it without even asking for permission and the most thing you hate about it...

How and Why You Should Totally Power Off External Hard Drive When Ejecting

Unplugging Flash Drive after you ejected it is what people usually do even if the LED light is still blinking or still have light. In Microsoft’s earlier version of Windows operating system like Windows XP, LED light will be automatically turned off after you successfully ejected your flash drive. In Windows Vista and 7, Microsoft included a feature that even if you successfully ejected your flash...

Manually Create Bootable Flash Drive for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Installing operating system such as windows operating systems from flash drive has many advantages. First of all the overall speed of installation will be faster than dvd drive do. If you’re going to install windows 7 to a computer which require external dvd rom or have defective dvd drive such as netbook then things will get easier for you.

Files on Flash Drive Have Changed to Single Shortcut

All files on your flash drive suddenly changed to a single shortcut. This is a sign that a virus has infected you flash drive or penetrated your system. You know what it mean if a virus has infected your PC. All your sensitive files might be compromised or the virus will make your system super slow.