How to Hide Drives from Device and Drive List Without Affecting its Functionality

External Hard Disk
IMAGE: FLICKR, KAREN You can hide your drives in your computer for the reason that you seldomly access it or you want privacy because of the content is so important that might be accidentally deleted by your children or anyone who uses the computer. Still, you have full access to the drive if you type their path and applications using it will work properly as usual. I’ve tried this method on windows...

How and Why You Should Totally Power Off External Hard Drive When Ejecting

Unplugging Flash Drive after you ejected it is what people usually do even if the LED light is still blinking or still have light. In Microsoft’s earlier version of Windows operating system like Windows XP, LED light will be automatically turned off after you successfully ejected your flash drive. In Windows Vista and 7, Microsoft included a feature that even if you successfully ejected your flash...

Other Drive Does Not Appear After Format

After you formatted your drive, drive d or other drives won’t appear. This is because drive d is unallocated and not yet formatted that’s why it will not appear. To make it appear you make to format it yourself.