Cannot Leave from Homegroup in Windows 7

Did you also encountered of being unable to leave your homegroup? I encountered this problem many weeks ago but cannot write about it sooner because of many things I need to do. Weeks ago, I reformatted my computer then of course after all was done I need to connect to my homegroup in order to have access to the printer and other files in my network. For unknown reason, my computer keeps on connecting...

Facebook Status Update Via Anything

When you update your Facebook status using your mobile phone, a via text message will appear along with it stating that you updated it using mobile. Do you know that you can also update your status with a posted via notification even if you use your PC? Here’s a simple tutorial on how you can update your Facebook status via anything you want like the example below.

Make your computer say greetings to you after startup

Make your computer say some greetings to you after startup. Cool stuff but not difficult to do.